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How to book a carpet cleaning for your apartment move out in less than 5 minutes? Simply call 970-422-1601 or fill out the easy-peasy form to the right!

Finals are over and you somehow aced that statistics test – congrats! While cramming your brain for the past month, you forgot that you have to move out at the end of the month and have a year’s worth of beer stains on the carpet. Want to use your deposit on a new set of skis instead of lining your landlord’s pocket? Give us a call! We can make sure that your carpet doesn’t compromise your deposit. Just don’t blame us when you get charged for that tap you put in the refrigerator door…. 

Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners can help you get your apartment, house or dorm room clean as a whistle faster than you can say “Animal House!”

  • We can meet your last minute deadline! Your roommate was supposed to clean the house, but Copper Mountain got dumped on and he just had to go boarding. Now the landlord is coming tomorrow for your walkthrough, but the place is a disaster. Don’t get caught with your snow pants down! Our courteous and efficient staff will work with you to make sure your carpet is clean and tidy in a flash. 
  • Show your landlord you care. Aside from simply giving you a receipt for your cleaning, Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners will provide a detailed, itemized list of the services performed, so there is no question about your commitment to cleanliness. 
  • Protect your future housing prospects. Landlords stick together, and gossip like high school kids at the lunch table. Nothing can be a bigger barrier to getting that apartment you want in the future than a poor reference from your previous landlord. Returning your rental in pristine condition is one of the easiest steps to take to ensure your landlord remembers you fondly. 

Don’t lose your deposit over a few pesky carpet stains. Give us a call today and find out how we can help protect your carpet, and your hard earned dinero. 

If you’re in College, you most definitely know what this is, and the beer stains it leaves on the carpet…Call Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners Today at 970-422-1601!

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