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You’re probably still looking at your credit card bill from the last time you purchased carpet for your entire house. Just purchasing, let alone paying for the carpet to be installed probably cost you more than sending your child to college for a semester. Now you’re looking at that same carpet thinking to yourself ‘Wow, I remember when that was brand new, and I had zero stains, rips, spotty seams and any problems at all with it.’ You’re probably thinking to yourself that there’s no way that you can afford new carpet, so you’re just going to let it get worse over time, and do little things when you can to revive it.

Well, we have a great solution for you that you may not know about. Drum roll…..Carpet Repair! Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners Carpet Repair Service is the way to go to revive that nasty, old, dingy carpet that has a few tears, a lot of stains, and a few seams sticking up that, until now, you didn’t know if you would be able to fix. Carpet Repair in Fort Collins is a fraction of the cost of buying and installing brand new carpet in your home. Combined with a fresh Carpet Cleaning, you may have your Carpet back to feeling and looking like it’s old self as fast as we can get to work!

If you have a few seams in your carpet that are a bit unsightly, we can have a crack at fixing them, and rest assured, we most likely have a perfect solution. By either stretching your carpet, or cutting and repairing that seam, we can make it look almost new, and you won’t have to look at it anymore. Most of the time, a seam is simply in a high traffic area, and has been slid on, dove on, or the undercarriage of your carpet is not laying flat. This problem is easily fixable by Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners, and our Carpet Repair Service is very cost effective.

Have you ever had your Carpet Repaired? What was the result, and did the company that performed the carpet repair do it correctly? Did you have a large stain that would never come out, and your carpet repair specialist cut that part of the carpet out, but did not repair the carpet the right way? Let Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners take a look at your Carpet, and we can help you return your broken down carpet to new in no time. 

Decode your carpets like you Decode your destiny with Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners!

Our Fort Collins Carpet Repair technicians will repair any transitions, seams, or patch any stains that you have in your carpet. We offer a Free No Obligation Carpet Repair consultation at your Fort Collins Home or Business, and will travel all over Northern Colorado, including to Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Greeley, and throughout Northern Colorado.

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