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How to make your sofa as clean as new and smelling fresh again in less than 5 minutes? Call 970-422-1601 or fill out the handy form on the right!

You love your couch, and it shows! Dirt, dust and other mucky materials infiltrate your upholstery daily, and can cause allergies and in-laws to turn their noses upward in disgust. Save the trip to American Furniture Warehouse and your hard earned cash and treat your furniture to a cleaning today to reboot your home to a simpler, cleaner time. 

Top reasons to book your upholstery cleaning with us today:

  • Dust allergies are for real. Do you find yourself with a runny, itchy nose, watery eyes or sneezing more than usual? If so, there is a very high chance you are having an allergic reaction to the dust mites in your couch cushions, bed or other furniture. Left unchecked, dust allergies can trigger further conditions such as chest tightness, coughing, wheezing or asthma.
  • Your furniture and upholstery are investments – protect them! You wash your clothes and your dishes, so why not your upholstery? Regular cleanings will dramatically prolong the life of your furniture and will save your hard earned cash to boot.
  • You can only flip those cushions once. You spilled wine on your couch cushions and hid the evidence by flipping the cushions over, but there’s no third side when you do it again! Instead of dyeing your couch a deep Merlot color to match, give us a call! We’ll obliterate that stain in the time it takes you to fetch another bottle from the wine cellar. Just please… stop wasting good vino!
  • We know our fabrics! Worried what harsh chemicals will do to your chaise lounge with hand spun Mongolian silk? Fret no more! Our expert technicians are pros at identifying even the most obscure fabric and choosing the right treatment to make sure the integrity of your prized furniture remains intact and in style. 

Now think about all the different places you will find upholstery. Your car has a ton of it for sure, and if you drive to work, it’s the place where you spend the most time transporting yourself to and from places. Are you a long distance commuter? Then you’re in serious need of a solid Upholstery Cleaning.

Even if you just drive a few miles across Fort Collins to work, you’re certain to have left a few soda stains on your driver’s side seat. We will give that Upholstery a thorough Cleaning, and you won’t even know that Coca-Cola ever existed!

How about your office chair? While you’re busy staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day, your chair is collecting all the dirt and grime that are sticking to your clothes, and absorbing all the crumbs falling out of your mouth while you eat lunch there for the thousandth time. Why not give us a call, so we can Clean the Upholstery on your office chair. Your nose, and the longevity of your office butt cushion will thank you!

Do you own a Boat?┬áIf you do, and you like trolling Horsetooth Reservoir for hours on end during the summer, would you want those unsightly ketchup and mustard stains corroding your seats? NO. Give us a call, we’ll even meet you out by the water so you can see the Upholstery Cleaning right before you go wakeboarding.

Make sure to include Upholstery Cleaning in all your Carpet Cleaning visits!

Dining Room chairs, Patio furniture, your favorite Football watching Love-Seat! Think about all the different places you have Upholstery, and all of them are most likely in need of a good Cleaning.

Call Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners today to give your furniture, drapes or other upholstery a new lease on life and luxury! We promise you won’t be disappointed. Call Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners Today at 970-422-1601!

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