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Carpet Cleaning should be performed on your carpets on a regular basis. How regular? Well, that certainly depends on your home, family, and lifestyle. We examine the reasons below why you should consider Cleaning your Carpets more than once yearly.

1. Do you have pets? Pets can leave not only stains, but they also will drag dirt, dander, pollen, and other miniscule organisms all over your carpet. Because of this, homeowners should have a certified Carpet Cleaner service your carpet at least twice annually. This will help increase the life of your carpet, so you don’t have to go out and buy new carpet every five years.

2. Carpets that are in high traffic environments are guaranteed to get dirty quickly. If you have kids, and are liberal about policing them to take their shoes off inside, you will need to have your carpet cleaned more than twice yearly. Remember that a well cleaned carpet can add value to your home, and in most cases will make you feel so good about your home!

3. Depending on if you have a light traffic, medium traffic, or heavy traffic home, your carpet cleaning needs will be determined. Generally speaking, light traffic homes have no kids or pets running amok on the carpets. In this case, clean your carpets once yearly. For medium traffic, or for a family of four, you will most likely need to clean your carpets twice annually. For heavy traffic, or, for example, with kids and pets dragging dirt and stains everywhere, the recommendation is to get your Carpets cleaned once every three months.

4. Always remember to follow your carpet manufactures instructions on carpet cleaning. By calling your carpet manufacturer, or listening to your carpet installation technician, you can get a better gauge on the needs of your carpet.

5. Remember to only have Certified Carpet Cleaning Specialists clean your carpet. Renting a steam cleaner from your local grocery store is never a good option, as this can leave you with permanent damage to your carpet if you are not careful during the process of cleaning. Carpet Cleaning technicians receive advanced training, and know how to remove stains that cannot be neutralized by Average Joe’s. Our point? Make sure you do not try to do this yourself! Call Fort Collins Carpet Cleaners to have this task done professionally.

6. Don’t forget to vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis. High traffic homes may require vacuuming 2-3 times a week because of massive amounts of dirt that can get lodged in the depths of your carpet. While vacuuming helps to get some of the dirt up out of the deeper areas of your carpet, Professional Carpet Cleaning is the only way to ensure that you are getting those pesky dust mites out. As we stated above, the traffic in your home will help you to gauge how often you need to hire the pros.

7. Dirt can get deep down in your carpets and destroy the fibers of your precious carpet if you are not careful. Carpets can only take a certain amount of abrasion before those fibers become permanently damaged. A high quality vacuum can help, but only certified carpet cleaners can help in areas like stairs and other high traffic areas.

The information above should not be ignored, or you will find yourself at your local carpet store looking for a new carpet to replace your damaged goods. Call us today so we can help you prolong the life of your carpet!

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